23 Earthy Bedrooms Ideas

Earthy bedrooms ideas are the epitome of relaxation and comfort.

With a focus on natural, organic materials and a neutral color palette, earthy bedrooms are the perfect spaces for unwinding after a long day.

Each of the spaces we’ve collected below is a masterclass in earthy bedroom design.

We’ve included all the must-have elements, from organic materials to a neutral color palette, and beyond.

Whether you’re looking to bring a little bit of the outdoors in or you’re looking to create a space that’s a complete departure from the hustle and bustle of your daily life, you’re sure to find plenty of inspiration here.

1. Earthy Bedroom with a Luxurious Feel

If you want to create an earthy bedroom that still feels luxurious, then this idea is for you.

The key to making this look feel high-end is to focus on the materials you use in the space.

A plush area rug, crisp white linens, and soft throw pillows will help you achieve this look.

Then, add in a few earthy colors, like this deep green, and a few natural textures, like the wood and marble in this space.

2. Earthy Bedroom with a Vintage Feel

Vintage decor is a great way to add a touch of the past to your earthy bedroom.

This bedroom from us uses a lot of vintage-inspired pieces to create a space that feels warm and welcoming.

The vintage rug and throw pillows add a pop of color to the otherwise neutral space.

The headboard and nightstands add a touch of warmth with their wood tones. And the hanging light fixture adds a modern touch to the vintage feel.

3. Earthy Bedroom with a Rustic Feel

If you love the idea of a modern bedroom but want to keep things a little more rustic, this space is the perfect blend of both styles.

The bed and bench are made from reclaimed wood and the room is filled with earth tones and textures.

Use a variety of textures in your bedroom to add depth and interest to the space.

In this room, you’ll see a shaggy rug, nubby throw, and velvet pillows, but you can use any combination of textures to achieve the same effect.

4. Earthy Bedroom with a Contemporary Feel

If you love the idea of an earthy bedroom, but the traditional and bohemian styles don’t quite fit your tastes, then consider a more contemporary approach.

In this bedroom, the earthy colors are used in a modern way.

The color palette is kept simple, with white and black being the main colors, and the earthy tones are used as accents.

5. Earthy Bedroom with a Classic Feel

This bedroom features a number of classic design elements that are given a modern twist with the use of a neutral color palette.

The four-poster bed, the floral wallpaper, and the tufted bench at the foot of the bed are all classic design elements that are given a modern twist with the use of a simple color palette.

The only pop of color in this room comes from the green plants, which is another classic design element that has been given a modern twist.

6. Earthy Bedroom with a Bohemian Feel

If you love the look of boho bedrooms, you can easily incorporate earthy colors into the design.

This bedroom is a great example of how you can use a variety of textures and patterns to create a cozy, bohemian look.

The earthy color palette in this space is made up of warm, muted tones, including terracotta, rust, and mustard.

These colors are balanced out with plenty of white and cream to keep the space feeling light and airy.

To create a similar look in your bedroom, start by choosing a few key earthy colors to use as your base.

Then, add in some patterned textiles, like pillows and rugs, to bring in more color and texture.

7. Earthy Bedroom with a Romantic Feel

This bedroom is a study in contrasts. The dark, moody color palette is balanced by soft, romantic touches.

A canopy bed is the perfect way to create a romantic vibe in your bedroom. Add sheer curtains to your canopy for a soft, dreamy look.

The plush, white bedding adds a touch of luxury to the space.

The combination of dark, moody colors and soft, romantic accents creates a bedroom that is both cozy and elegant.

8. Earthy Bedroom with a Masculine Feel

Earthy colors can be used to create a calming and relaxing space. But, they can also be used to create a more dramatic and masculine feel in a bedroom.

This bedroom features a deep gray accent wall, which is a great choice if you want to add some drama to your space.

The wall is the perfect backdrop for the modern artwork, and it really helps to draw your eye into the space.

The rest of the room is decorated in a simple and understated way, with a neutral color palette and minimal decor.

The bed is the focal point of the room, and it’s surrounded by a mix of textures and patterns that help to add interest to the space.

9. Earthy Bedroom with a Feminine Feel

This beautifully styled bedroom by House of Hipsters has a feminine feel with the soft pink and mauve color palette.

The colors are balanced with earthy, neutral tones in the rug and bedding.

The black and white wallpaper adds a graphic element to the room, and the curved lines in the headboard and light fixture add a softness to the space.

The greenery and flowers add a touch of nature to the room.

10. Earthy Bedroom with a Zen Feel

If you love the idea of an earthy bedroom but want to keep things simple, consider a Zen-inspired design.

This kind of space is all about keeping things minimal and using calming colors.

To get the look, stick to a neutral color palette. Then, add in a few pops of greenery to bring the outdoors in.

You can also add some texture with a woven rug or a macrame wall hanging.

11. Earthy Bedroom with a Mediterranean Feel

This earthy bedroom with a Mediterranean feel is the perfect place to wake up on a sunny day.

The Moroccan-inspired headboard is the focal point of the room, and the earthy tones of the bedding and rug tie the look together.

The macrame hanging planters add a touch of greenery to the space, and the natural wood nightstands and white lamps are simple and elegant.

The large window lets in plenty of natural light and offers a stunning view of the outdoors.

12. Earthy Bedroom with a Traditional Feel

Earthy doesn’t have to mean bohemian.

This bedroom by us has a very traditional feel, but the color palette is pure earthy delight.

The light wood tones in the furniture and floors are complemented by the creamy white walls and bedding.

But the star of the show is that warm, rust color on the accent pillow and throw. A few blue accents break up the warm tones and add interest.

13. Earthy Bedroom with a Tropical Feel

This bedroom by Bria Hammel Interiors is a master class in how to bring a tropical feel to an earthy color palette.

The palm leaf print wallpaper is the star of the show, adding a pop of lush green to the space.

The rest of the room is decorated in a serene color palette of gray, ivory, and beige.

The bed is layered with a mix of textured throw pillows, and the wood bed frame adds a grounding touch.

14. Earthy Bedroom with a Coastal Feel

If you love the beach, you can create a bedroom with an earthy color scheme that feels like a coastal retreat.

This bedroom designed by us has a relaxed, beachy feel with its earthy color palette.

The soft, sandy color of the walls is complemented by the creamy white bedding and the warm wood tones found in the side tables and bed frame.

The bright white shiplap walls and ceiling in the room give the bedroom a light, airy feel that is reminiscent of a beach house.

15. Earthy Bedroom with a Farmhouse Feel

This bedroom from The DIY Mommy has a lot of farmhouse charm with the shiplap accent wall and the sliding barn door.

The decor is kept simple and neutral, with some pops of color from the bedding and pillows.

The green in the bedding pairs nicely with the green in the shiplap wall.

Using the colors in your room’s wall treatment as a jumping-off point for your decor is a great way to make sure your room feels cohesive.

16. Earthy Bedroom with a Scandinavian Feel

This bedroom by Kresswell Interiors is a lesson in how to create an earthy bedroom that’s light and bright.

The high-contrast black and white color scheme keeps the room feeling fresh and modern, while the wood furniture and greenery keep it grounded.

A large tree in the corner of the room brings the outdoors in and adds a natural element to the space.

If you have the space, a large potted plant can be a great way to make a statement in your bedroom.

17. Earthy Bedroom with a Southwestern Feel

If you love the idea of an earthy bedroom but want to add a little more color, consider a Southwestern-inspired design.

In this room, the earthy tones are mixed with pops of blue and red, and a fun geometric rug adds a playful pattern to the space.

The wood accent wall, potted plants, and mudcloth pillows also add to the Southwestern vibe of this bedroom.

18. Earthy Bedroom with a Shabby Chic Feel

If you love the idea of an earthy color scheme, but you want to keep things feeling light and bright, then this bedroom is for you.

The key to this look is to keep the walls and major pieces of furniture in the room white or light cream.

Then, you can add in earthy colors in the textiles and decor throughout the space.

I love the way the bed linens in this space bring in a subtle touch of pink, and the throw blanket adds a pop of mustard yellow.

The wall art and the pillows on the bed pull in a variety of colors from the earthy palette to tie the whole look together.

19. Earthy Bedroom with a Craftsman Feel

This bedroom is a perfect example of how to create an earthy look in a room with a more specific style.

This room has a definite Craftsman feel, which is characterized by its emphasis on natural materials, woodwork, and a sense of craftsmanship.

The built-in wood headboard and shelving in this room are a nod to the Craftsman style, and it’s the perfect woodsy backdrop for a variety of earthy colors and materials.

The throw pillow, blanket, and houseplant add color and texture to the room.

The mustard yellow and rust colors of the throw pillow and blanket are a perfect match for the wood tones in the room.

The houseplant adds a pop of green and a touch of nature to the space.

20. Earthy Bedroom with a Industrial Feel

If you love the idea of an earthy bedroom but want to add a bit of an industrial or modern feel, use a minimalist design and simple decor.

The exposed brick wall in this bedroom adds so much texture and warmth to the space.

The black, white, and gray color scheme is simple and sophisticated, and the black metal bed frame adds a touch of industrial style.

21. Earthy Bedroom with a Mid-century Modern Feel

If you love the look of a mid-century modern bedroom, you can still incorporate earthy colors into the design.

Here, the bedroom design is kept simple with a light wood bed frame and white bedding.

The earthy color palette comes in with the wall art, pillows, and throw blanket.

We love the pop of terra-cotta in this otherwise neutral space.

22. Earthy Bedroom with a Transitional Feel

This bedroom by the team at Studio McGee is a great example of how to incorporate earthy colors in a space with a more transitional feel.

The colors and textures in the room are very neutral and soft, but the mix of styles gives it a lot of character.

The traditional rug and artwork are balanced by the more modern lines of the bed and nightstands.

And the simple, clean lines of the furniture are balanced by the soft, organic shapes in the room, like the round mirror and vase on the nightstand.

23. Earthy Bedroom with a Glamorous Feel

If you’re a fan of the earthy color palette but also want to add a touch of glamour to your bedroom, look no further.

This bedroom is the perfect example of how to do just that.

The earthy color scheme is carried out through the walls, bed linens, and decor.

The glamorous touch comes through in the gold and brass accents, like the side table and wall sconces.


Let us know in the comments below which one of these earthy bedroom ideas most inspired you and why! We’d love to hear from you.

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