18 Shabby Bedroom Ideas

I have a shabby bedroom that I would like to remodel but I can’t afford to spend much money on it. I need simple and cheap ideas to help me change the look.

1. Mix and match your furniture

The great thing about shabby chic is that you can mix and match your furniture.

You can go to a few different stores and pick up pieces you like without worrying about whether they’ll match.

We love the way this room has used a variety of different bedside tables and finished them with a coat of white paint to make them look like a set.

2. Add a little bit of lace

When it comes to adding a little bit of lace to your bedroom, less is more. Too much lace can quickly turn your space from shabby chic to a little too much.

I love this lace and ruffle pillow from my friend Rachel’s shop, Maison de Pax. It’s the perfect touch of lace to add to my bed.

3. A little bit of chippy paint never hurt anyone

A lot of shabby-chic style rooms are filled with pieces that have been worn and weathered over the years.

This is one of the things that make it such a unique style.

If you’re lucky enough to find a piece of furniture that has been worn by time, scoop it up and add it to your room.

If you’re not, you can get the look by layering paint colors and sanding down the edges of the piece.

4. Add a pop of color to your shabby bedroom

This bedroom is a little more traditional than the others, but it still has that shabby chic look.

The bed is a little more dressed up with the canopy and ruffled bedspread, and the nightstands have a more traditional look with the table lamps and floral arrangements.

The shabby chic look is defined by the distressed furniture and decor, but you can still have a pop of color in the room.

The blue and orange in this room add a fun, playful vibe to the space and keep it from feeling too stuffy.

5. Add some flowers to your shabby bedroom

Flowers are a great way to add a pop of color to any room in your home, and they are especially effective in a shabby chic bedroom.

You can place a small vase of fresh flowers on your nightstand, or you can add a large bouquet to your dresser or vanity.

If you don’t want to deal with the upkeep of fresh flowers, you can also use faux flowers.

There are many high-quality faux flowers available that look just like the real thing.

6. Use a chandelier to add some glamour to your shabby bedroom

A chandelier is a bit of a statement piece in this otherwise very simple, white bedroom. The chandelier adds a touch of glamour and a focal point to the room.

To recreate this look, hang a chandelier low over your bed. This will help to zone the space and make the bed feel like more of a focal point.

7. Add some vintage items to your shabby bedroom

To add a little extra flair to your shabby bedroom, look for some vintage items to include in your design.

You can find vintage items at flea markets, antique shops, and even thrift stores.

Some great vintage items to include in your shabby bedroom design are old mirrors, picture frames, and lighting fixtures.

You can also look for vintage textiles, like lace doilies, to use as decorative accents.

Adding vintage items to your shabby bedroom is a great way to infuse your own personal style into the space.

You can mix and match different vintage pieces to create a look that is completely unique to you.

8. Add a little bit of romance to your shabby bedroom

If you’re a fan of shabby chic, you’ll love the way it adds a touch of romance to a bedroom.

This look is all about creating a soft, inviting space where you can relax and unwind.

To achieve this, consider using a muted color palette with soft pinks and blues.

You can also add in some floral patterns and lace accents to really play up the romantic vibe.

9. Add some pillows to your shabby bedroom

The easiest way to add some color and pattern to your shabby bedroom is to add some pillows to your bed.

This is a great way to bring in some of the colors you love, and you can easily switch out your pillows whenever you want to change up the look of your room.

In this room, I used a mix of pink, blue, and white pillows to add some color and pattern to the bed. I love the way the pillows look against the white bedding.

10. Add a little bit of glam to your shabby bedroom

Add a few elements of glam to your shabby chic bedroom for a look that’s romantic and sophisticated. In this bedroom,

a luxurious chandelier is the perfect finishing touch to the room’s shabby-chic design.

The white and pale blue color scheme is perfect for a shabby chic bedroom, and a few touches of pink add warmth to the room.

A tufted headboard and a few vintage accent pieces complete the look of this romantic bedroom.


As you can see, the room has a lot of potential, but the design is a bit off. The good thing is that all of the items are neutral and can be used in a lot of different ways. I will keep you updated on the progress of the room as it comes along. I would love to hear your thoughts and ideas for the room as well.

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