Will Mattress Fit in Cargo Van? (REVEALED)

Will Mattress Fit in Cargo Van?

The ubiquitous mattress can be a formidable obstacle in any vehicle, from small cars to giant pickup trucks. Even those with ample space for it will have to take heed; not every mattress can be accommodated!

If your van is short on cargo space, it’s important to assess what will fit into the available area and make sure that all necessary pieces of equipment don’t get left behind.

If you’re planning a road trip soon and have plenty of time for consideration – perhaps even including an overnight stay at a campground – then consider choosing items that are light weight or collapsible so as to maximize available space within the vehicle.

Will Mattress Fit in Cargo Van?

When it comes to transporting a mattress, the question of whether or not it will fit in a cargo van is a common one.

The answer to this question depends on the size of the mattress and the size of the cargo van. Generally speaking, a full-size mattress will fit in a cargo van, but a queen-size mattress may be too large.

In many cases, a queen-size mattress will fit perfectly in a cargo van – especially one that is between three and five years old. If your van is newer or has more recent model beds, it may be necessary to rent or buy a larger vehicle.

It is important to measure the mattress and the cargo van before attempting to transport the mattress to ensure that it will fit.

Additionally, it may be necessary to remove the back seats of the cargo van in order to fit the mattress. If the mattress is too large, it may be necessary to rent a larger vehicle or use a mattress delivery service.

Will Mattress Fit in Cargo Van?

Are you ready for a summertime getaway? If so, consider packing your mattress along with you.

If you’re hitching up a ride on a cargo van, creating instant livability in any locale has never been so effortless!

Utilizing it as a temporary abode is one of the most convenient options; this leaves absolute room for all that makes up an ideal vacation – such as relaxation in contemplation and exploration!

Yes, a mattress can fit in a cargo van. Depending on the size of the mattress and the size of the van, it may require some creative packing and maneuvering.

For example, if the mattress is a twin size, it can be laid flat in the back of the van. If the mattress is a queen or king size, it may need to be folded in half and placed diagonally in the van.

Additionally, the mattress can be secured with straps or bungee cords to ensure it stays in place during transport.

From a cozy couchee (bed) to luxe hammocks or an enchanting canopy bed, there are infinite combinations that allow for optimal comfort when traveling.

Indeed, these ingenious creations provide a restful haven within which one may indulge without even getting out of their vehicle!

How do you fit a van mattress?

There are myriad options available when it comes to mattress sizes, types and thicknesses. The key is to identify your ideal sleeping style, pick a model that fits snugly within the confines of your chosen space and infuse a modicum of comfort into any journey.

If you’re travelling in an RV or traveling across country, consider getting something wider than a twin bed – four poster beds or even platform beds can provide ample surface area for those big-nighttime slumbers!

Sharing your cramped abode with another person? No need for additional mattresses! You simply roll out one layer on the floor and create a cozy nest for two people.

If you have more room available in your cargo vehicle – chances are there could be enough floor space left over to accommodate such an arrangement!

How to figure out if a mattress will fit in your van

The first step in selecting a mattress is to determine how large it will be.

To do so, simply multiply its length by two; from there on out simply add extra inches for width if needed.

For instance, let’s say you have an eight-foot long bed and need a queen size mattress (80″ x 80″).

Multiply to get your total length: 8 ft × 2 = 16 ft per side. Then divide by 2 to arrive at the width of each side – 80″: 4ft.

Subtracting that figure from the 8ft length yields a total depth of 6ft allowing for clearance under the mattress without any issues!

In many cases, a queen-size mattress will fit perfectly in a cargo van – especially one that is between three and five years old.

If your van is newer or has more recent model beds, it may be necessary to rent or buy a larger vehicle.

Common mattress sizes for cargo vans and their dimensions

It’s vital to be aware of the common mattress sizes for cargo vans and their measurements, lest you be surprised by how snug a place for sleeping may turn out to be.

For reference, here are some typical bed dimensions:

Single – Average length: 83″ · Average width: 60″  Average depth: 20″

Queen – Average length: 90″  Average width: 75″  Average depth: 24″

King – Average length: 96.5″  Average width: 80.5″  Average depth: 27.5″.

Why does a mattress take up so much space?

The average queen-sized mattress takes up approximately a third of a standard pickup truck bed. Even with the potential for space-saving inventions such as platform beds or rooftop racks, it’s still difficult to find solutions that can accommodate all of this!

Fortunately, you can utilize any free area in the back section of your mobile abode – even take advantage of those inaccessible undercarriage spaces between chassis components.

A word of caution: 

If you’re thinking of taking your mattress on the road, be sure to factor in the associated transport costs.

How to Measure Your Cargo Van to Ensure Your Mattress Will Fit?

To ensure your mattress will fit, you’ll need to determine the dimensions of your cargo van before purchasing it.

When purchasing a used vehicle, make sure to review any previous owners’ documentation such as service records and owner’s manuals.

In this way you can ascertain its size accurately; for instance if there is nothing more recent than manufacturer space anywhere concerning dimensions then it may be necessary to assume that they are correct in order to maximize space utilization efficiency!

To ascertain the dimension of an existing cargo van, you must measure its exterior height, width and length – in other words straight across each point form area.

To establish whether an item fits properly within these dimensions or not, simply apply a tape measure when visiting a local dealership; they should be able supply sufficient data regarding the dimensions of their vehicles’ interiors.

If you cannot find accurate information on their website or app yet still want a sense of how large the cabin is – consider traveling with some friends and taking snapshots along the way!

How to Choose the Right Mattress for Your Cargo Van?

Now that we’ve addressed the question of whether or gainful, let’s delve deeper into mattress selection. To reduce the task, there are numerous choices available:

The choice is yours, so take your pick!

For those seeking a bargain, consider investing in a budget-friendly model such as foam or coils. Alternatively you could opt for premium materials like memory foam or latex – both providing optimal levels of comfort with no discernible differences between them!

If you desire unparalleled luxury within your van conversion, why not upgrade to an innerspring mattress? It provides outstanding support and can be quite pricy compared with other options.

It is possible for mattress to be transported inside a cargo van, but it will take some planning and forethought. Before packing up your mattress, consider the following guidelines:

Ensure there is space available in any allotted areas of your vehicle. If futzing around inside with belts, ropes and pulleys, you could end up blocking other items within the space you’ve allocated.

Lighter-weight furniture that can be easily relocated – such as an inflatable bed or travel cot – might be best suited for in-cabin accommodations.

Bringing along extra space blankets or even sheets could help create additional padding; however, this may require re-arranging the interior of the unit for optimal restful sleep.

If you’re an intrepid traveler, you likely have a propensity for packing light. But come the day when you must sleep in your vehicle, it’s best to be prepared with bedding that is adequate for one night’s rest – or even more!

Is your mattress suitable for camping? If so, then this can be a boon for those who like to travel and explore; however,

if it falls short of expectations you may end up regretting your decision.

To ensure that your mattress will accommodate any travelling plans you might undertake in the future, don’t forget to gauge dimensions with our handy guide below!


Beddings don’t always conform to the same blueprint, so it’s essential to check your van’s measurements before purchasing a mattress. Ensure that it fits properly so as not to incur any costly penalties!

If you’ve got an unwieldy bed, chances are you’ll have to sacrifice style for practicality. But if space is at a premium in your automobile – and money too – then no amount of aesthetics should stop you from acquiring a stately mattress.

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