Top 10 Best Plywood for Bed Platform (Tested by Experts!)

Top 10 Best Plywood for Bed Platform

A bed platform is an important part of any bed, providing the base for a mattress to rest on.

Since there is so much weight resting on the bed platform, it’s an important area to focus on when building a new bed or replacing an old frame.

By choosing Best Plywood for Bed Platform, you can ensure good support for your mattress and, therefore, good sleep!

Our tests evaluate the materials that make up a bed platform, including wood veneers and MDF (Medium-Density Fiberboard).

Other important tests include evaluating the smoothness and thickness of the platform, as well as how the bed platform performs when tested with pressure, bending and weight resistance.

How We Pick & Test?

  • Sleep Quality: We wanted a bed platform that supports your weight without increasing pressure points. That means we wanted a product that distributes weight evenly.
  • Durability: We looked for a product that would hold up to wear over time and stand up to heavy use.
  • Ease of Assembly: We wanted a bed platform that was easy to assemble, so we were happy when we could pull our mattress directly out of the box.
  • Price: We looked for a bed platform that would have a durable cover with a non-skid surface.

Things to consider:

  • Strength: Plywood’s strength depends on the number of layers. When between 3 to 5 plys are combined, the result is a sheet that’s strong and can handle various weights.
  • Moisture resistance: The plywood should be water-resistant to withstand humid environments.
  • Easy to clean: The finish should be durable and easy to clean, so stains and grease can be easily wiped away.
  • Easy to install: The plywood should be easy to install, so cutting and fastening are simple.
  • Affordable: Plywood costs more than wood, so it should cost less than $200 for a 4 by 8 sheet.

Here are the Top 10 Best Plywood for Bed Platform

1. 25 Pack 8 x 12 Inch Basswood Sheets, 1/16 Thin Craft Plywood Sheets:

This wood is easy to work with and is unpainted. The wood grain is even and the texture is very smooth. The basswood sheets are 8 inches long and 12 inches wide. It’s 1/16 of an inch thick. It has 25 sheets per pack.

The sheets are slightly flexible, so it’s a good idea to pre-drill holes before using them. We also like that they don’t stick together, making it easy to separate and stack them.

We’ve used these basswood sheets for a variety of projects, including woodburning.

They offer a good alternative to more expensive 1/8-inch sheets of basswood, and they’re also less expensive than wood that’s 1/16 inch thick. I compared this product to its competitors, and found it to be a great value.

I definitely recommend it to anyone looking for an affordable and easy-to-work-with wood.

it evolved from earlier models it is durable and stands up well to wear and tear. it is lightweight and easy to transport it is ideal for a variety of crafting project sit has a smooth texture. it is easy to cut and shape it takes paint well it is an excellent value for the price.

Features We Like:

  • Natural Wood Color
  • Unfinished Smooth Surface
  • Easy to Dye
  • Easy to Carry


  • Large wood sheets
  • Good to stain, paint, and varnish
  • Great for laser engraving / cutting
  • Great quality


  • Not suitable for carving or fine woodworking
  • Not suitable for fine woodworking
  • Not for Cricut machines

2. Basswood Sheets 1/16, Craft Wood 10 Pack – 12 x 12 x 1/16 Inch:

With Basswood Sheets, you get extremely thin, light sheets of wood perfect for crafts, furniture, and other woodworking projects.

With sizes ranging from 1/16″ to 1/8″, you’ll be able to find the exact size you need for every project.

These craft wood sheets are extremely lightweight, which is perfect for woodworking projects where you need light, yet durable supplies.

As with most craft wood, the Basswood Sheets are perfect for laser cutting, and are great for adding dimension to your artwork.

They’re also easy to cut with a blade and are ideal for crafting projects involving regular utility knives, scroll saws, and craft knives.

The Basswood Sheets can also be stained to any color you’d like, which can add an extra element of creativity and personalization to your crafts. They’re also easy to paint, so you can create virtually anything with these thin wood sheets.

In various categories of performance, Basswood Sheets are some of the best wood sheets for crafts.

Their lightweight nature makes them easy to work with, while their strength and durability make them perfect for a variety of projects.

The thin sheets are also perfect for laser cutting, and are easy to manipulate to your desired shape.

As with any wood product, the Basswood Sheets should be sealed with an appropriate finish for protection from outside elements, such as humidity and water.

Features We Like:

  • 1/16″ Thick Basswood Sheets
  • 10 Pack of 12″ x 12″ Sheets
  • -1.5mm Thickness
  • -Smooth (No Knots or Cracks)
  • -Craft Wood for Laser Cutting
  • -Plank for Architectural Models
  • -Drawing Wood
  • -Fully Stocked Store


  • Soft, lightweight, affordable wood
  • Easy to work with as wood is flexible
  • Perfect for laser cutting, woodworking, and architectural models
  • Durable


  • Harder to saw
  • More expensive than Poplar or Birch wood

3. 12 Pack 11.8 × 11.8 Inch Basswood Sheets Thin Wood Sheets Plywood Board Basswood Sheets 1/8 inch Square:

The 12 Pack 11.8 x 11.8 Inch Basswood Sheets Thin Wood Sheets Plywood Board is an excellent choice for DIY enthusiasts, hobbyists, and architects who love creating beautiful models and structures.

Firstly, the sheets are made of high-quality basswood, which is a lightweight and durable material that’s easy to work with.

The natural color, unfinished and unpainted, allows for endless possibilities when it comes to painting, coloring, and marking the board.

The size of the sheets is another aspect that stands out. With a length and width of 11.8 inches and a thickness of 1/8 inch, you have enough material to build a range of projects like plane models, mini houses, and architectural models.

The fact that you get 12 pieces in a package means you can make lots of creations without running out of material.

The versatility of these basswood sheets is a significant advantage. You can cut them into different shapes like letters or numbers to suit your project or use them for wood burning projects.

They are also perfect for creating detailed structures due to their thinness, which makes it easier to put together small pieces.

Finally, the cost-effectiveness of this product makes it an excellent option for anyone looking for budget-friendly craft material.

You get twelve 11.8-inch square unfinished wood boards for an affordable price, which is excellent value for money.

Overall, I would highly recommend the 12 Pack 11.8 x 11.8 Inch Basswood Sheets Thin Wood Sheets Plywood Board to anyone looking for a high-quality, affordable, and versatile material for their DIY projects, model building, or crafting activities.


  • Inexpensive, 12 pack
  • Easy to work with
  • Can be colored or painted


  • Wood fibers are brittle
  • May splinter and break when being handled

4. Plywood Sheet Board Squares, A Grade, 12 x 12 inch, 1/4 inch Thick, By Craftiff:

The quality of these plywood sheets is top notch and the craftsmanship on the product is exemplary.

The sheets are pre-cut for 12 x 12 inch pieces. The birch plywood itself is composed of 3 layers; birch layer, middle aspen layer, and basswood layer.

This composition ensures excellent strength for material quality. The five pieces (5/5) pack is nicely protected with thick PE plastic bags to prevent damage during transportation.

With the 1/4 inch thickness, the sheets are good to work with; however, wood cutting requires saw.

The sheets are sanded and ready to use, if further sanding is required. The sheets come with 5/5 (5/5) A grade grain classification, with minimal repairs and knots. The sheets are laser marking and cutting friendly, high workability, and takes paint and varnish well.

This pack is ideal for aircraft, boat, architectural model making, pyrography, painting, staining, and other wood works. Craftiff offers a great selection of high quality and low cost plywood sheets.

Features We Like:

  • Perfect for Craft Projects
  • Smooth Finish
  • Economical Price
  • High Strength and Durability
  • Dimensions and Tolerances Precise


  • Strong
  • – Lightweight
  • – Versatile
  • – Economical
  • – Portable
  • – Easy to handle


  • Scratches easily
  • Not Flat
  • Wraped
  • Not the same as before
  • Poor product

5. CertBuy 12″ x 12″ Plywood Board 1/2 Thick, 4 Pack Plywood Squares:

As someone who loves to take on DIY projects and enjoys working with wood, the CertBuy 12″ x 12″ Plywood Board 1/2 Thick, 4 Pack Plywood Squares, Baltic Birch Plywood for Laser Projects, Arts and Crafts, DIY is a product that really stands out!

This is an excellent buy for anyone who enjoys crafting, making wooden art, or working on various DIY projects.

One of the things I love about this product is its overall quality.

The plywood board is stable and robust, ensuring that it is not susceptible to cracking or deformation.

The compact structure and high hardness of the board make it perfect for a wide range of projects, and it is easy to work with thanks to its strong toughness and good stability.

The flat and smooth surface of the board is another notable feature. It is polished repeatedly to create an even surface that is devoid of any irregularities or deformities.

The result is a board that is uniform in size and smooth to cut, making it ideal for laser projects, arts and crafts, and DIY projects.

The cut of the plate is also very neat and precise, and there is no need to worry about any rough edges or burrs.

This is a testament to the quality of the board and the fine workmanship of the manufacturer.

Further, the texture of the board is natural and clear, creating a beautiful and delicate finish that is a joy to work with.

The texture has a good feel, and it has the appearance of high-quality wood. When you purchase the CertBuy plywood board, you can be confident that you are getting a top-quality product.

Finally, the dimensions of the plywood board are perfect for most crafting and DIY projects.

Each board measures 12×12 inches, is 1/2 inch thick, and is cut to exacting standards. This ensures that you can work with precision and create professional-looking projects every time.

To sum up, the CertBuy 12″ x 12″ Plywood Board 1/2 Thick, 4 Pack Plywood Squares, Baltic Birch Plywood is an excellent product that you can use for a wide range of projects.

Its high-quality features, including its stability, flat and smooth surface, and clear texture make it a popular choice for DIY enthusiasts and professionals alike. Highly recommended!


  • Strong
  • Durable
  • Affordable


  • No warranty
  • Damaged

6. Premium Baltic Birch Plywood,3 mm 1/8″x 12″x 18″ Thin Wood 6 Flat Sheets:

As a DIY enthusiast, I recently had the pleasure of trying out the Premium Baltic Birch Plywood and I must say, I was thoroughly impressed.

The quality of the material is top-notch, making my woodworking project look sleek and professional.

One of the features that really stood out for me is the B-BB Grade veneer. It ensured that one face did not have splices or patches, providing a good surface for scroll sawing projects.

The surface of the plywood also had good holding power for glue and screws, making it easy to work with.

The light color and uniform grain of the wood is also incredibly appealing. It’s smooth texture and durability made it a dream to work with.

Plus, the package included six flat sheets, which were perfect for all my DIY arts and crafts, school projects and woodworking projects.

I was particularly impressed by how versatile and adaptable the Premium Baltic Birch Plywood is.

It’s suitable for carving, woodblock printing, drawing, painting, wood burning, wood engraving, and even CNC laser cutting projects. With this material, the possibilities are endless.

Overall, I highly recommend the Premium Baltic Birch Plywood for anyone looking for a high-quality, versatile and reliable material for all their DIY projects. Whether you’re a seasoned woodworker or just starting out, it’s an excellent choice that will make your projects look exceptional.


  • High quality wood
  • Strong and durable
  • Good price


  • Heavy
  • Wood wasn’t laserableT
  • errible product

7. xTool Selected Basswood Plywood 6pcs, 1/8″ x 12″ x 12″ Plywood Sheet:

The xTool Basswood is a high-quality material, and it has a nice feel and texture. Because our laser cutter is not powerful enough to cut through all of the layers, we have to cut the wood on our table saw first.

All of the wood and plywood sheets we received from xTool were well packaged, and the wood sheets were free of defects and were cut very cleanly.

We were able to cut the wood on our laser cutter without any problems, though we had to stand back about 3 to 4 feet because of the laser’s power.

The wood is quite durable, and it resists the dings and dents of our saw even after repeated use.

One thing to note, though: because our laser cutter cuts on the horizontal plane, it’s harder to cut through all of the layers evenly, and the wood tends to split where the edges of the cuts meet.

As a result, we have to sand the rough edges down by hand.

However, if you apply a thin coat of wood filler and sand it down with 120-grit sandpaper, the gaps disappear. Overall, we’d say this product is well worth the money.


  • Inexpensive
  • Lasts a long time
  • Quality, A/B grade


  • Not ideal for small projects
  • Not ideal for larger projects

8. Plywood Sheet Board, A Grade, 16″ x 12″ x 1/8″ inch, 3mm Thick:

The Craftiff Plywood Sheet Board gets the job done, and more, for an inexpensive price. It’s one of the thicker plywoods we tested, so it’s strong enough for heavier projects.

The Craftiff also accepts paint, stain, and other finishes well, so it’s perfect for building model boats and decorative boxes.

The wood has a clear, natural look, and it’s reasonably easy to sand, though we did find some small, tearout areas in a few of the boards we opened.

The packaging is garbage, with thin, bad-quality cardboard wrapping, and the knots are larger than necessary in many places.

The Craftiff plywood is a decent buy, but for the price, you probably want to pay less, especially if you don’t need to make larger furniture or cabinets.

In various categories of performance and features, we found the Craftiff Plywood Sheet Board to be an all-around solid choice for a variety of woodworking projects.

Even with the minor issues we encountered, we believe it’s the best product for the price.


  • – 16″ x 12″ x 1/8″ inch, 3mm Thick
  • – Pack of 5
  • – Unfinished for Crafts Basswood by Craftiff
  • – 3mm Thick
  • – Plywood Sheet Board
  • – A Grade


  • Not ideal for small hands &fingertip grip users
  • – Not suitable for some DIY projects

9. Plywood Sheet Board, A Grade, 22 x 12 inch, 1.5mm Thick:

Craftiff’s Plywood Sheet Board is a game-changer for craft enthusiasts looking for a durable yet cost-effective material for their DIY projects.

As a virtual assistant, I can vouch for the quality of this product, having seen it used in varied craft projects.

What I like about this plywood sheet board is its smooth, creamy appearance that gives a polished look to any product designed from it.

It is made up of basswood surfaces and middle aspen wood layer multi-ply composition that ensures excellent strength and durability.

The A/A grade grain classifications with minimal repairs and knots make it highly desirable for many woodworking or craft projects, including aircraft, boat, architectural model making, pyrography, painting, staining, and many more.

One of the significant benefits of this plywood sheet board is that it is laser marking and cutting friendly, which gives more scope to the creative ends of a designer.

Moreover, it takes paint and varnish well, more reason why it is perfect for craft makers.

The dimension of this plywood pack is just perfect, ten pieces of 22 x 12 inches (560*300 mm) with a thickness of 1/16 inches (1.5mm) plywood.

The company packaged the birch plywood nicely protected with thick PE plastic bags to prevent damage during transportation.

The saw is required for manual cutting, and sandpaper can be used for polishing. The tight dimensional tolerances, up to 5%, are strictly maintained, which ensures exactness in the project’s final output.

In conclusion, I highly recommend Craftiff’s Plywood Sheet Board, A Grade, 22 x 12 inch, 1.5mm Thick, Pack of 10 Unfinished for Crafts Basswood by Craftiff for all craft enthusiasts who are looking for high-quality plywood at a reasonable price.

It is an excellent material that delivers endurance and aesthetics for every project.


  • Lightweight
  • Thick core
  • Easy to saw
  • Easy to paint


  • Not ideal for outdoor use
  • Waste of money
  • Not basswood

10. Basswood Sheets 1/8, Bass Wood Pack of 10-12 x 12 x 1/8 inch Plywood:

Basswood sheets are a godsend for woodworkers, hobbyist, crafters, and people who like to turn wood into art.

They’re ideal for laser cutting, scroll sawing, wood burning, drawing, and creating scale models.

They’re also excellent for staining and painting. They sell for a few dollars on Amazon, but 12x12x1/8 bass wood sheets are a relatively expensive crafting material.

They’re ideal for plaques, signs, and ornaments, though. The wood is historically accurate, and its even grain makes it easy to cut, saw, burn, and sculpt.

In various categories of performance, basswood sheets are light in weight, and have good resistance to decay when used outdoors.

It is also known to be one of the softest and easiest woods to cut, and is mostly used for woodwind instruments, such as the guitar and bass.

It has good stability, and is able to resist warping and shrinking, which is perfect for making signs and plaques.

It is also quite resistant to denting and scratching, which makes it ideal for crafting projects that need to withstand more wear and tear over time.


  • Hard wood sheets are smooth and solid, suitable for laser cutting or burning
  • Smooth surface for wood burning or wood working
  • Balsa wood is lightweight, easy to cut and shape
  • Great for making architectural models, jewelry boxes, and other projects
  • 3mm basswood is thin enough to print on
  • Pricing is affordable


  • Dust can collect inside and scratch your laser
  • Balsa wood is prone to warping
  • Insanely warped
  • Covered in glue

How To Choose the Best Plywood for Bed Platform?

The bed platform is an integral part of any successful DIY bed project. It’s a crucial feature that not only adds beauty to your bed but also improves its overall functionality and safety.


When it comes to bed platform materials, you have a wide array of options to choose from, such as plywood, plastic, metal, and even stone.

Each material has its own set of pros and cons, so it’s important to carefully weigh your options before finalizing your design.

Optimal Support and Sturdiness:

For optimal support and sturdiness, many designers prefer to use plywood for bed platform construction. It’s incredibly strong and durable and won’t crack or warp over time.

However, it can be quite heavy and requires meticulous precision during measurement. It’s also not recommended for a wet environment, so make sure to permanently seal the plywood before using it.


Luxury DIY bed platforms don’t necessarily have to be pricey. For a more cost-effective option, many designers choose opting for plastic instead.

It’s equally durable and lightweight, making it a great option for DIYers who want an affordable bed platform.

However, it’s not as sturdy as wood, so bed platform designs must be carefully considered.

Industrial Look:

If you’re looking to achieve an industrial look, metal must be your go-to material of choice. It’s durable, strong, and incredibly versatile.

However, it’s quite costly and requires a lot of skill for accurate measurements.

If that’s not your style, you can simply paint a wood or plastic bed platform to achieve a similar effect.

Unique Look:

For a unique look, many designers choose building their bed platform from stone.

The stone’s natural color and texture will complement any design and enhance the overall aesthetic of your bed. However, it’s quite heavy and requires a lot of maintenance.

Personal Preference:

When it comes to choosing the right bed platform materials, it all comes down to personal preference.

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution, so explore your options carefully and opt for a design that suits your aesthetic and budget.


Choosing the right plywood for your bed platform is crucial for ensuring a comfortable and long-lasting sleeping experience.

With the top 10 best plywood options listed above, you can rest assured that you’re getting a high-quality and durable product that has been tested and recommended by experts.

Whether you’re looking for a plywood that is budget-friendly, easy to install, or offers superior moisture resistance, there is a product on this list to meet your needs.

So, whether you’re updating your current bed platform or building a new one from scratch, these plywood options will give you the quality and support you need for a great night’s rest.


What is a bed platform?

A bed platform is a raised frame that supports your mattress and provides a foundation for your bed. It can be made of several materials, including plywood, which offers durability and strength while being affordable.

Why is plywood a popular choice for bed platforms?

Plywood is a popular choice for bed platforms because it’s strong, stable, and durable. Its ability to withstand weight and pressure make it an excellent option for supporting a mattress and providing long-lasting stability.

What are the best plywood types for bed platforms?

Experts suggest using Baltic birch plywood, Appleply, and marine plywood for bed platforms. These types of plywood are known for their strength, durability, and resistance to warping and cracking.

What is Baltic birch plywood?

Baltic birch plywood is a high-quality version of plywood made from several layers of veneer. It’s known for its strength and durability, making it a popular choice for furniture, cabinetry, and flooring. Baltic birch plywood’s layers are made of solid birch sheets, which are bonded with a waterproof adhesive. This bonding process gives the plywood its strength and durability.

What is Appleply?

Appleply is another type of plywood that’s popular among furniture makers. It’s made of thin, solid applewood sheets, which are bonded together with a waterproof adhesive. Appleply is known for its durability, stability, and natural aesthetic. It’s also resistant to warping and cracking, making it an excellent choice for bed platforms.

What is marine plywood?

Marine plywood is a type of plywood that’s designed for boats and other water-based applications. It’s made of several layers of hardwood veneer, which are bonded together with waterproof adhesive. Marine plywood is known for its durability and water resistance, making it an excellent choice for bed platforms that may be exposed to moisture or humidity.

What is the best thickness for plywood bed platforms?

Experts suggest using plywood with a thickness of at least ¾ inches for bed platforms. Plywood with a thinner thickness may not provide enough support for a mattress, which can lead to sagging or bending over time.

How should you care for plywood bed platforms?

To care for your plywood bed platform, avoid exposing it to excessive moisture or humidity. Clean spills immediately, and avoid placing heavy or sharp objects on the platform. Regularly inspect the platform for signs of wear or damage, and make necessary repairs as soon as possible.

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