17 Bold and Beautiful Wallpapers Ideas to Up Your Home Decor

Looking for bold and beautiful wallpapers to up your home decor? I’ve got you covered!

Wallpaper is a great way to add interest to your home.

It’s available in so many different colors, patterns, and textures these days that it’s easy to find something that fits your style.

You can use wallpaper to create an accent wall or to cover an entire room.

It’s also a great way to add some personality to a space if you’re renting and can’t make other changes.

Don’t be afraid to go bold with your wallpaper choices.

Try something that you really love, even if it seems a little out there. You might be surprised at how great it looks in your space.

Need some ideas? Here are 17 bold and beautiful wallpapers to inspire you!

1. Go bold with a geometric wallpaper

Geometric patterns are a great way to add some visual interest to a room.

They can also be a good way to add some color without going overboard, since you can choose a pattern with just a few bright colors and balance it with a more neutral color.

This wallpaper is perfect for adding some color and interest to a room without overwhelming the space.

I love how it looks with the gold accents in the room.

2. Add a bold floral wallpaper for a feminine touch

A floral wallpaper doesn’t have to be traditional.

This bold floral print in the dining room of our recent project is anything but!

The black background mixed with the bold colors and large-scale print makes this a modern take on a floral wallpaper.

We love how our client added a modern chandelier and a sleek dining table to complete the look.

This wallpaper makes such a statement that they kept the rest of the room fairly simple.

3. Add a touch of whimsy with a bold pattern

You don’t have to commit to a color to make a statement with wallpaper.

Black and white patterns are a great way to add an element of whimsy to a space without overwhelming it with color.

This black and white pattern by us is a perfect example of a bold pattern that feels fresh and fun.

I love the way Kate used this pattern in her own home to create a feature wall behind her bed.

4. A bold animal print is always in style

A classic animal print never goes out of style, and it’s not just for fashion.

This gorgeous animal print wallpaper is a stunning way to add some visual interest to a room without overwhelming the space.

Choose a more neutral color palette, like the black, white, and gold shown here, for a timeless look.

The best part? You can add a punch of color to the space with your decor, and this wallpaper will still look great!

5. Add a bold pattern to a small space

If you have a small space that you want to make a big statement in, a bold wallpaper is the way to go.

This small bathroom is the perfect example of how to use a bold pattern in a small space.

The wallpaper is the main focal point of the room and the rest of the decor is kept simple and minimal.

6. Create a bold accent wall

If you love the idea of a bold wallpaper but don’t want to commit to an entire room, consider creating an accent wall.

This is a great way to bring in a fun pattern or bold color without overwhelming the room. Plus, it’s less wallpaper you have to hang!

You can choose which wall you want to highlight, but the most common accent walls are the one behind the bed in a bedroom or the wall with the fireplace in a living room.

7. Add a bold pattern to a traditional space

If you have a traditional space, you may think you have to stick to traditional decor. But that’s not the case.

Instead, you can add a twist to your traditional space with a bold and beautiful wallpaper.

This living room designed by us a traditional sofa, a pair of elegant chairs, and a large area rug.

But the bold wallpaper adds a modern twist to the space.

The black and white floral design is the perfect amount of bold, and it makes the space feel fresh and modern.

8. Add a bold wallpaper to a modern space

If you have a modern space that feels a bit too stark, a bold wallpaper can add some much-needed warmth and personality.

We love how this wallpaper adds a bit of color and movement to this otherwise neutral room.

The black and white color scheme ties in with the modern decor, but the bold pattern adds a sense of playfulness and whimsy that contrasts nicely with the serious black accents in the room.

9. Add a bold wallpaper to a bathroom

Bathrooms are a great place to add wallpaper.

It’s a small space, so you won’t need a lot of paper, which means you can go for something bold and not worry about it feeling overwhelming.

Bathrooms are also a place where you can have a little fun with the design and style, and wallpaper is a great way to do that.

I love the look of this modern, abstract wallpaper in a small bathroom. The bold black and white pattern is a great contrast to the soft, feminine pink vanity.

10. Add a bold wallpaper to a nursery

I’m not a mom myself, but I have a lot of friends who are and I’ve seen first hand how much work goes into creating a nursery that feels like a sanctuary.

It’s a big project, but it’s also a great opportunity to have some fun with design and add a pop of personality.

This sweet and simple wallpaper is the perfect backdrop for a nursery, and it’s easy to build a color palette around it.

I love the way this designer used the wallpaper as a jumping off point for the rest of the room, adding in a mix of soft neutrals and pastels.

11. Add a bold wallpaper to a kids room

Kids rooms are the perfect place to have a little fun with decor.

The best part about wallpaper in a kids room is that they won’t outgrow it like they might with a patterned wall.

This wallpaper from us has the perfect mix of color and whimsy, and it’s even removable, making it great for a kids room.

12. Add a bold wallpaper to a teen room

This teen room was designed by my friend Andrea from The Mountain View Cottage. She chose a bold floral wallpaper to be the backdrop for this space.

I love how she paired the bold wallpaper with more bold colors and patterns.

When you use a bold floral wallpaper, you can easily add in more patterns and colors to the space.

The key is to make sure the colors in the wallpaper are the same colors you are using throughout the space.

13. Add a bold wallpaper to a laundry room

Laundry rooms are often overlooked when it comes to design, but they don’t have to be.

If you’re lucky enough to have a separate laundry space, this is the perfect opportunity to have some fun with the design.

Add a bold patterned wallpaper to the space and top it off with a fun light fixture to give your laundry room a whole new look.

14. Add a bold wallpaper to a small space

Small spaces are the perfect places to go a bit wild with wallpaper.

After all, it’s just one wall, and you can always paint over it if you get tired of the design.

A bold wallpaper in your laundry room, mudroom, or even a small bathroom can add tons of personality and color to the space.

In this small bathroom, a bright and colorful wallpaper is the perfect complement to the pink vanity and brass accents.

The wallpaper is the star of the show here, and it makes a big statement in a small space.

15. Add a bold wallpaper to a kitchen

Kitchens are one of the most popular rooms to add wallpaper to.

You can wallpaper a whole wall, just the space above the backsplash, or even the inside of your cabinets. There are so many possibilities!

I love the way this wallpaper, which is also the same print as the one in the dining room, looks in the kitchen.

It’s a fun way to tie the two rooms together. And the bright colors in the wallpaper look so pretty with the other pops of color in the room.

16. Add a bold wallpaper to a dining room

If you have a separate dining room, you can really have fun with the wallpaper. Choose a bold print that will set the tone for the room. This wallpaper is a little bit traditional and a little bit modern, so it would work well in a formal dining room or a more casual space.

17. Add a bold wallpaper to a living room

If you’ve been struggling to find a way to bring color and pattern into a living room, look no further than wallpaper.

You can add as much or as little as you want to a room, and there are so many different styles to choose from.

In this living room, the floral wallpaper adds a pop of color and pattern to the space.

The rest of the room is kept fairly neutral, so the wallpaper is the star of the show.


We hope you enjoyed this list of bold and beautiful wallpapers! These wallpapers are sure to make a statement in any room in your home.

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Let us know which wallpaper is your favorite in the comments!

Happy decorating!

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