29 Country Bedroom Ideas

A country bedroom is a cozy, comfortable place to be at the end of the day.

As you peruse different country styles, you’ll find that a farmhouse bedroom is a bit more rustic than a French country bedroom, but each style is unique.

The country style has been around for many years, and it’s a decorating style that’s still used today.

Whether you live in a country home or a city apartment, you can bring the country into your bedroom.

Here are some country bedroom ideas that will inspire you to create a cozy and comfortable bedroom that you’ll love.

1. Choose a style

The first step in designing any bedroom is to decide on your style.

This will give you a base to work from when it comes to choosing colors, furniture, and accessories.

Country-style bedrooms are all about creating a cozy, lived-in look, so you can be a little more relaxed with your design.

If you’re not sure where to start, take a look at some country-style bedroom inspiration to see what you like.

2. Start with a neutral color on the walls

Country style is all about creating a warm, welcoming space that feels like home. And you can’t go wrong with a neutral color palette to do just that.

Neutral colors like cream, beige, or light gray are great choices for country bedroom walls.

These colors provide a soft, soothing backdrop for your decor and give the room a light and airy feel.

3. Choose a variety of patterns and colors but make sure they all have something in common

Using a variety of patterns and colors is a fun way to add interest to a room.

In this room, we used a large floral pattern on the duvet cover, a small floral pattern on the accent pillows,

a gingham pattern on the bed skirt, and a striped pattern on the curtains.

The key to using a variety of patterns and colors is to make sure they all have something in common. In this room, the common element is the color blue.

The blue color in the duvet cover ties in with the blue in the accent pillows, the blue in the curtains, and the blue in the bed skirt.

4. Add a few antiques

If you love the idea of a country bedroom, but don’t want to go too far down the traditional route, bring in a few antique pieces to add a sense of history to the space.

In this bedroom, the vintage French bed is the standout piece, but the rest of the room is kept fairly modern to balance the look.

The bed is paired with a simple wooden bench at the end of the bed, and the rest of the furniture is kept sleek and modern.

5. Add a few modern pieces

We love the look of a country bedroom, but we also don’t want it to look like it’s been transported from the 1800s.

To keep the look fresh and modern, add a few contemporary pieces to the space.

Here, a modern table lamp adds a sleek touch to this country bedroom.

The minimalist table and the sideboard at the end of the bed also lend a modern edge to the space.

6. Add some greenery

Adding greenery to a bedroom is a great way to bring the outdoors in and create a calming space.

We love the look of these dried flowers hanging above the bed.

It’s easy to recreate and you could even dry your own flowers to make it even more affordable.

If you don’t trust yourself to keep a houseplant alive, faux plants work just as well. Check out our guide to the best artificial plants for more options.

7. Add some light

Country decorating is all about creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere, which is why lighting is key.

Aim for a mix of overhead lighting, table lamps, and wall sconces to keep things bright and welcoming.

If you have a large bedroom, consider adding a chandelier to the mix to make a statement and fill the space.

8. Add some warmth

A country bedroom should feel warm and cozy, so be sure to add in plenty of soft furnishings to make the space feel inviting.

A rug is a must-have in a bedroom, and in a country-style space, we would recommend a traditional Persian-style design.

You can always switch out the rug for a jute or sheepskin one in the summer months, but having a soft rug underfoot makes all the difference in a bedroom.

9. Add some cozy bedding

The most important part of any bedroom is the bed, and that’s especially true in a country bedroom.

It’s where you’ll be spending most of your time, so it should be comfortable and welcoming.

Start with a quality mattress and add cozy bedding.

Layers of quilts, blankets, and throw pillows will make your bed look inviting and be a welcome sight at the end of a long day.


Country bedrooms are all about personal comfort punctuated by those little touches that make it one’s own: a milk-jug-turned-vase, heirloom quilt, or repurposed wooden window frame mirror, to name a few.

Thrift store finds and flea market treasures are the perfect farmhouse compliments, and with these 45+ farmhouse bedroom decor ideas, you can experiment and implement in the manner that suits your unique style.

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